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    Have reached a small "crossroads" in Virage...

    While working on my new, old, 2002 vIrage, and replacing the fuel lines and cleaning the carb! I noticed a leak around the cap on the oil sending unit had been poorly patched up by someone with electrical tape it appears. I noticed some oil, 2 cycle, in the hull at one point but assumed someone had spilled it when filling. Now I am sure it was coming out of the top of the oil reservoir when filled to the top and then run. This in a particularly bad spot in the boat to get a good look at either way, and I am not sure of the route to go at this point to conserve time and energy, it's 102 degrees here in Alabama today! Any shortcuts suggested would be appreciated. I am almost finished with carb rebuild and fuel line replacement in hopes of curing this bogging problem I have on youtube that I posted a few weeks back.
    Need the thing running to cool off!

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    5/16 drive hose clamp,position it as high on the tank bung with out overlaping the black rubber sending part you can see,tighten it down,then a couple days later tighten it up again.

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