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    Some easy sl650 questions.....

    1. I went to premix, where does everyone install their hood spring that keeps it open? Since by removing the oil tank you've eliminated the mount

    2. Is there an easy way to remove/intall the hood latch assembly? That pin is quite stubborn.

    3. Not having my skis in the water yet, and with initial carb settings over exaggerated. It seems my skis only rev to about 4000rpm and drop off. Possibly too much fuel flow from adjusters being too far out?

    4. Will any harm be done by operating a ski at an excessively rich fuel mixture?

    Looking forward to finally getting out on the lake tomorrow!

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    #1 I just found something to hook the spring to,can't remember what but anything will do, I sometimes have to move my spring off to the side to put my storage back in.

    #2 Hood Latch came out okay for me just don't drop the screws and stuff or you'll have a heck of a time fishing them out.

    #3 It should rev over 4000 on dry land no matter what, I don't know the max RPM of a 650 but if I had to guess its probably somewhere between 6000, and 6250 ( just a guess). You should easily see those numbers on dry land. Pin the throttle wide open for about 1 sec, you should be bumping the limiter. Sure sounds like a carb problem but don't know what without being there. If your that rich than your way way way rich

    #4 I don't really think that there is a problem running really rich other than a loss in performance.

    If I were you I would put the carbs to factory settings and if your worried about being lean open it a 1/4 to 1/2 a turn or even 3/4 but I wouldn't go past that.

    Not sure of your year but I found this

    1994 sl 650
    Idle speed in water : 1,250-1,350 rpm

    Low speed screw: 1 ¼ turns open

    High speed:
    Magneto end carburetor ¾ turn open
    Center carburetor ¼ turn open
    Rear carburetor ½ turn open

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    1. You may have to glue a mount in for the spring. Mine didn't connect to the oil tank, in connects to a mount glued to the hull.....
    2. Not sure what your issue is here, maybe a different system than mine....
    3. Really can't tell until in the water with a load on the motor. Test while strapped to the trailer and see how they do...
    4. No. Will not get to full RPMs and will have trouble idling....

    I am looking for a lake to go to tomorrow..... Let me know If you are interested in meeting up somewhere....

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