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    Lightbulb 2000 Polaris Genesis 1200 ENGINE REBUILD


    I have a Polaris Genesis 1200 that had a catastrophic big end bearing failure.
    I am about to pay £700 odd to have the crank reconditioned and rebore the cyliners and buy a new piston head.

    My question is, am i likely to get a good price for it as it is?
    Also, would it be cheaper to just track down a second hand running engine? - If so, where can i find one please?


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    May be cheaper to get a running engine, but its definitely better to rebuild yours. That way you know exactly whats going into it, and if you plan on keeping the ski a while, it will give you years of life. A used motor could die tomorrow. I always suggest rebuilding what you have over buying a used engine.

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