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    another no spark problem 93 xp

    i bought a 93 seadoo xp for 500 bucks with trailer with "rebuilt' motor. The guy i got it from said it ran last year but ran like shit because the carbs were gummed up. so i finished pulling them off and had them rebuilt put it all back together and boom no spark.. brand new battery i replaced the coil. im getting a 0.153 volts from the plug wire when i try and start it. no sure what els to check?

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    Disconnect the black/red wire coming from the mpem but leave the other 2 wires connected.. That b/r wire coming from the mpem is the ignition kill wire..

    And just to be clear - disconnect the black/red wire coming from the mpem but leave the other 2 wires (Magneto and coil) connected..

    Do you have spark??

    You can test for resistance and AC voltage on the Black/Red wire coming from the engine magneto..

    On the black/red wire (magneto side) to engine ground - you are looking for 40-76 ohms..

    And you can also test for AC voltage on the same 2 wires - but while cranking...

    You can then test the ignition coil by removing the spark plug caps and checking resistance between the plug wires - should be 9-15K ohms.

    Also check for loose or corroded wires in the electric box.. Be sure to check your Black Ground wire(s) for resistance to engine ground

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