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    Question Impeller Recommendations?


    I've decided that I should replace my one year old impeller, as it's pretty banged up. (and I don't feel like I'm getting the performance with this one compared to the "older" one)

    So to the specs:

    I'm riding a Sea Doo '08 215hp Wake Pro (Supercharged) , with a Riva intake grate. The current impeller is an stock impeller, which i believe is "12/18" pitched. Top speed (before the Riva Intake grate) 68 MPH.

    Before switching impellers (to the current one) I got up to 72 MPH, which is quite a drop... (Acceleration is also not as good) (I should add that i have no idea what kind of impeller that was)
    Now I feel like I want that back! So:
    I'm thinking of buying one of these three Impellers, there all from Solas and I hope you guys can point me into the right choice!

    First we have the 13/18 (which I believe is recommended for stock 215's?)
    Then the 14/17 (Which i believe is recommended for RXT's?)
    Last the 14/19 (Will it be too "heavy"?

    Thank you!


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    Forgot to add,

    I bought the machine used, and do not know if something is changed on it. But most looks like stock...
    The impeller was (Before changing to stock) was certainly not stock.

    The speeds are measured with stock speedometer, but have doublechecked, and it's pretty accurate (+/- 2mph)

    Thanks again


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    Thanks, but i've already looked there...
    I'm looking for your opinions of how well the different impellers work, and which one you prefer!


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    I have not messed with any wakes so I can't help much.

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    Noone else with some opinions???

    Hoping to be able to order tomorrow


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