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    11' Rxtx w 15/20 and SCOM is cavitating... Do I need a prop pitch?

    Little help here... Im def cavitating out of the hole but top speed is good. I just want to improve holeshot. Wear ring seems to be worn but was replaced only 15 hours ago. No major gouges or grooves are visible in the ring. Little help here???

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    let me take it for a ride .. ill tell ya whats wrong.. ill be on the river tomorrow..

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    Is your prop the new type? Or did u get it setback? That prop should be a good pitch for u with no mods other than scom. Any water in your hull?

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    These are the only 2 mods i have planned for my near future. I was told these would be a perfect simple combo with large gains. I hope it works out.

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