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    Jetting help! 44's on 1100

    I got a superjet with an 1100 motor in it and am looking for a little help with jetting. I know some of you raider guys run 44's and i would like to hear what your jetting is so I can compare and hopefully get a close starting point on my ski. My current setup is as follows

    -6m3 with 1.5 over pistons
    -light weight flywheel
    - riva Cdi
    -Novi 44's with R&D intake manifold
    -155 pump with skat 15-20 swirl

    Current jetting is
    2.0 n/s. 95g spring 20psi pop off
    Pilot 110
    Main 95

    With this configuration I'm only turning 6060 Rpms and seems rich to me. Any input would be greatly aprishiated.

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    What does it have for exhaust? It should have 3", not the 2" stock superjet exhaust exit. Are you running a waterbox?

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    Running a waterbox, it's an A/M aluminum box that's pretty much gutted. And yes I'm running the stock superjet 2" exhaust.

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    That might be why you're not getting the RPMs. I have a friend who built an 1100 superjet with the 2" exhaust and he had problems getting the rpms out of it. You have to consider that the motor in the raider hull had 3" all the way back.

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    That's always a possibility but I don't think that's the whole problem in my case. I know it's 2" tubing but I'm practically not even running a water box. Can see right through it. I'm leaning more towards carbs. I'm slowly dropping jets sizes but as we all know it's time consuming. That's why I was hoping to see what others are running to speed up the process!

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