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    Vxs, a wolf in sheeps clothing!

    just bought a 2012 VXS and i love it, its light and you can flick it around with ease, brings back memories of my first ski 1992 polaris 650 only with a shit load of power and it corners like no other , ran with a rxp 260hp today and other than the takoff he never pulled on me he was shocked!, its not fancy or full of features but it is the most fun i have had on a ski, my only grip is there is no clock!

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    I know...the VXS is sweeeet. I was drag racing a couple skis on Anclote River, all stock except bolt on mods. One was a Ultra 300 and the other a VXS. Obviously the 300 blew us out of the water because of the hole shot but the VXS was right behind me. Like you say the SC engines have more hole shot but after that you aren't gonna run away from a VXS.

    You should post pics of your knew ride. Like they say here on GH it didn't happen if you don't have pictures.

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    No clock? The VXS/VXR needs trim first. Thats the main reason I keep looking at the SD GTR.

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    Clock I agree with...trim I could care less at least for my riding conditions...

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    I sure am digging mine so far. I think with about $1200-1500 in mods the VXR will be a 72+ MPH ski that will hang with the stock SC'ed skis out of the hole. But with better gas mileage and no SC headaches. That sounds like a nice platform for me.

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    Congrats on the new ski and welcome to the forum

    I love my VXR also!

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    The VXR is one of the best "bang for the buck" skis to come out in a while.................the other was the 1999 kawasaki ultra 150

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    i would not mind to have trim but honestly i dont miss it either, my friend has a sho with it and never used it, the sho is is a nice ride that led me to buy a yamaha they are a rock solid ski with little maintenance that i can depend on, my other two skis are a 03xp and a 03msx witch i really liked but they are sitting on the traler with toasted motors!

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    I love my 2012 VXS. The gas gauge reads funny, but the rest seems solid.

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    Welcome to the site!

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