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    PSI 1000 genesis for sale incase anyone is looking for things like this anymore.

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    This is local to me. I've actually had some email exchanges with the guy selling a month or so ago. He was asking me about parts to fix his SL780 with a blown piston.

    He picked up this lot from a previous ad on CL... but that previous ad was very non descript... just said SL750 with lots of performance parts like the triple pipes.

    I've emailed the seller again and asked him about his SL780 and this new CL ad... and here's what he's said
    yeah that's it it's 1000 cc slp genesis kit slp now makes snowmobile only parts, or rather everything but water craft parts I haven't had time to source parts or work on the either of em. the block is stock aside from some porting I spoke with the owner of slp about the genesis kits he explained everything. that explains the custom cylinder heads and cylinders and pistons. your welcome to look at it all parts are there it's been so modified I don't even want to run it if I had time to get it running
    Is anyone familiar with this SLP genesis kit that he speaking of? Afraid I've not ever heard about it.

    Is it anything worth anything. Good replacement engine for a tired old SLT750?


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    Its not SLP, it's PSI. Not sure where he came up with that.

    Pretty sure that's the 900 cc engine.

    The 1000cc is marked S10 on the cyl head.

    That looks like S93 to me in the ad.

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