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    2006/2007 GPR 215hp: Offered to me for CHEAP but need input for first time 4 stroke

    (EDIT) This is an RXP...not a GPR)

    A local shop mostly servicing fresh water skis around my area just offered me a 2006 OR 2007 GPR for $1k with title. Without looking it up, he wasn't sure if it was an 06 or 07...thus the title here. I have not seen the ski yet.

    What he told me is that physically it is in very good condition but that mechanically the supercharger came apart. When I asked about the engine, he said he believes it to be rebuildable but it needs "work".

    I guess my main questions are:

    1. I know how much it costs roughly to rebuild and/or to have a supercharger rebuilt but when one "comes apart" what other untold damages does that usually cause?

    2. Any other normal cautions on these with blown superchargers?

    3. Anyone ever part one out know how much easy-money is on these if the engine doesn't have a hole in it? I'm in the middle of parting out my first 2 stroke but wouldn't mind setting this one aside to pull apart this winter if it looks too costly to put back together again.

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    Is this a Conversion SKI? GPRXP? As you mention GPR. Seadoos are not GPR's unless it is a conversion SKI. A Yamaha GPR with a Seadoo motor. Called a GPRXP?
    If it is a conversion with all the conversion mounts and stuff. $1000 is not bad. BUT be ready to work on it to get it correct.

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    Nope...sorry, checked my notes from the phone conversation. It is an RXP...not a GPR. Sorry about the bonehead mistake

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    Most of the time when a supercharger goes, parts can/will find its way into the motor. If this is a pre-08 rxp that has never had it's charger rebuilt then you might have internal damage. If it has been serviced and the ceramic washers were replaced with the steelies, then the engine very well could be serviceable. How many hours are on the rig? If there are a lot, there is a chance that they have been rebuilt and swapped with the updated units. The thing is, this is a dealership right? It's usually only about $200 worth of parts to rebuild the charger and all its worn parts. Most of the time, these chargers will be repaired and then the ski would sell for about 5.5K-7K. They probably took it apart and saw that it needs a new engine. $1000 is a little too good to be true.

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    If the owner stopped driving it after the charger blew, You'll still have to pull the motor, replace the oil pumps, and split the case to inspect the bearings. Usually the extent of the damage is based on how long it was driven for after the charger went

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    Think I'll pull the TX numbers off of it, find the owner through Texas Parks and Wildlife and then use zabasearch to find his home number so I can talk to him about it before buying it. Since I haven't seen the ski physically yet, I'm not sure how many hours are on it. All I know is that it is complete.

    The shop owner just has a pile of skis behind his place of business and it is a smaller operation...not a dealership. He pretty much fixes any brand of ski, 4-wheeler or off road cycle and this is a fairly depressed area of TX financially speaking. I bought a 98 Yamaha XL from him for $600 a week ago to try my hand at parting it out and that was the idea behind this one originally. It wasn't for sale. He lives in my neighborhood and I called him to find out if he had anything interesting that has come up in the boneyard. He is always jammed busy with 15+ skis and numerous other off road vehicles for him and his 2 guys to fix so I have a feeling that he just doesn't have interest in keeping stuff like this outside and unprotected (boneyard is literally unsecured in back of the shop) for years and years till someone happens to need a part. A real stand-up guy.

    That being said, I do appreciate the heads up on the potential issues. Maybe just buy it to part it out this Winter? I assume there is more than $2k in easy parts in there. P.S. Anyone need a hull ha!

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    i may want the hull

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