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    Premium fuel...add oil?

    New 2 the forum and new 2 watercraft. Just bought a 96 SL900 with 139 hours on it. I'm lookin' 2 run premium fuel, so do I add oil? how much?

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    Welcome to Green Hulk!

    If your ski is stock, then you have a separate oil tank and a separate gas tank. You don't have to mix anything. The 2-stroke engine has an oil injection pump to give it all the oil it needs.

    If your ski has been converted to PREMIX ONLY, then you need to add 2-stroke oil to the gas... because the oil injection system has been removed or disabled. You should mix the gas and oil in a 40:1 ratio. That is 3.2 ounces of 2-stroke oil to 1 gallon (128oz) of gas.

    Whether adding oil to the gas or just to it's own separate tank, you need to use good quality 2-stroke oil. Not the cheap 2-stroke oil with a picture of a weed wacker on the front.

    So that should answer your question.... BUT... with a 16 year old watercraft... you REALLY need to do some basic maintenance and inspecting of the whole system before you just drop it in the lake and blast off. Check out the great info about your ski and what you need to do on these web pages.


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