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    951 carb problems, HELP

    I have an 01 rx and just got rebuilding the engine and when i start it up it acts like its to lean and at the same time it acts like its getting to much gas.. It doesnt make any sense, are there any ca wrb settings/adjustments? when i tap the throttle it bogs out but when i slowly open the throtle it will increase in rpm.


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    Engine rebuild you say? what was the reason you lost the motor? Carbs,...what was done to them? are you using non oem flame arrestors?

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    Reason I lost the motor no compression there was a big gash in the side if both cylinder walls. Rebuilt the carbs and didn't mess with the low or high end needles while I was rebuilding them. Using stock flame arrestors.. Just don't know how fix it it's getting on my nerves when I fix something, that just leads to the next

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    did you check your pop off pressure if so what was but it sounds like you need to go thru your carbs again

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    clean the carbs - install mikuni rebuild kits - be sure to replace the internal fuel filters - blow or replace the fuel lines and check the accel pump and nozzles for a good squirt..

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    Already did that, what's the accel pump?

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    The little pump (#20) attached to the side of your PTO carb - it has hoses going to the carb throats where the nozzles are attached..
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    If that's leaking a little gas will that matter? Cause I found a crack in the hose but do I look inside that pump, and what do I look for

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    Yes if it is leaking a little gas it does matter.. The fuel chamber is small and with it leaking gas, it is that much less gas not available to the engine..

    Not to mention the fire hazard..

    When you move the throttle from idle to wide open throttle, that pump squirts fuel into each carb through the pump nozzle, that extra fuel prevents the bog you are feeling..

    Repair the leaking hose and look for a good squirt from the pump nozzles in the carbs - you can used compressed air to blow clear a dirty nozzle..

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