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    Why does my 2003 GTX 4 TEC only runs at 30mph when it gets hot. anyone?

    Does any one have any idea why my 2003 seadoo GTX slows down after 20 minuts of run time. The beeper goes off, the rpm and the speed reduces down to about 20 - 30 mph no matter how much throttle you give it. I then reset the ignition and its good for about a minute after this then goes again. There is no code! Ive had this problem for about a year. I spend over $800 dollors with a local dealer that installed a new guage module as he said he was not getting a reading, then they replaced the sensor that he thought maybe was playing up. i guess it was telling the ski it was upside down or something..... Still not fixed . Ive lost confidence in the dealer. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Ok got take it for a ride when the beeping goes off keep the engine running (idle) push your set button 5 times this should give you a code on the dash write the code or codes down and report back with what you have.

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    according to the 2006 manual I have only 3 things will cause a limp home mode. (this is whats limiting your speed)
    CTS or Coolant temp senor high
    EGTS or Exhaust gas temp sensor high
    OPS or Oil pressure sensor high or low.

    another thing the tops valve. its located to the front of your engine next to the oil fill hole. when you install a key dose that make a clunk/click noise like the valve is opening?
    then it should close after the key is removed but not for a little bit after the key is removed.
    If that's not making noise then its probably stuck closed or not wired right (wrong connector)
    Report back with your finding and we can try to help you out.

    Here is a picture of the tops valve its number 19

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