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    Another fuel rail thread insert thread! Arghh...

    Yes, I did a search and found some other threads on this. You guessed it, my front fuel rail bolt is just spinning the thread insert instead of loosening. I have tried wedging a screwdriver in between the rail and the intake manifold (against the lip of the thread insert). I have also tried using vice grips to clamp down around the outside of the thread insert... so far, no luck. Since the other fuel rail bolt is out, can I just start wiggling the rail with upward pressure and hopefully get the other side to come out with the insert still attached? I'm running out of ideas... I definitely don't want to break off the whole casting on the manifold!

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    Should just pull out if its spinning, then glue it back in place.

    I used red locktite which is working well so far!

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    Oh it came out alright, but its ugly now (see pic). I will have to try and get some kind of resin or epoxy to try and keep the rail down now. At least the other side is still good and hopefully will keep things from un-seating. I will also try to put some safety wire or zip ties on to act as a safeguard. This sucks!

    Question--there is a plastic "collar" on the end of my new (green) injectors. I assume this remains on there? Never seen anything like it before.
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    That is worse than I have seen, but I have had good luck in using JB Weld for the insert repair.

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    Yes, that plastic stays.

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    Now I have the rail pulled out but can't get the thread insert loose from the bolt... using vice grips on the thread insert but it just spins inside the jaws. Ugh... wish there was someone close I could get to work on this for me!

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    throw some heat on the brass insert, it will heat up much quicker than the stainless screw, i did the same thing and epoxied a new insert in and zip tied the fuel rail to the harness. worked just fine.

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    Thanks! Finally got it using just a regular set of pliers with sharper jaws than the vice grips, go figure... Cleaned everything up, ran a die on the bolts, and set the insert back in with JB Weld (remember the other thread insert is fine and still intact). I will use either safety wire or some zip ties (or both) around the rail as an extra precaution in case anything tries to work it's way loose. Tomorrow I'll start working on installing the X charger.

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