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    Trouble starting ski after warmed up and some fuel in bilge.

    Have a 1999 1200 xlt. Recently had a cylinder repaired. Starts ups easily with no problem. However have noticed the following:

    1. Feel sluggish getting on plane (we have 2 and it is slowed compared to the other). Ultimately it runs as fast as the other
    2. Notice a small amount of fuel (oil/gas mixture) in the back bilge.
    3. If the ski kills or we shut it down after being warmed up (30min to an hour), we have trouble re-starting. Almost like there is no fuel. getting to carbs. We have to press on starter and keeping feathering the trigger until eventually it catches. Sometimes this takes many attempts and up to 8 seconds on the starter. Worried I am going to burn up the starter or wear out the battery.

    Any advice on how to troubleshoot?

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    Did you have the carbs rebuilt. if so check them for leaks fuel in the hull is BAD. inspect all fuel supply and return lines.

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    Block off all fuel inlet and outlet nipples on each individual carb except for 1 inlet ea. Just like you are doing a popoff test. Throw 200 to 30psi pressure and spray a little SD-40 around the base of the fuel pump. If it bubbles up there, try to secure the cover screws. If the are already tight...suspect that the O-ring at the base of the fuel pump especially If the carbs have been rebuilt since this problem started. I have found that SBT carb rebuild kits have junk O-rings personally and will be buying Mikuni kits from this point going forward. Good luck!

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