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Thread: Mpem problem??

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    Unhappy Mpem problem??

    Hi everybody I'm new to this forum but I was hoping somebody could steer me in the right direction. I have a 96 seadoo xp 787 that I'm having problems with. The previous owner tried to Hotwire the ignition because the key went bad. I replaced the key and it won't marry to the ski. I also Reconnected the wires to the ignition and heat wrapped them. Could the wire splice effect the olms going to the mpem causing it not to work?? Also I checked all the fuses front and back and they were all good. I'd really appreciate any advice anyone has on this

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    Welcome to Greenhulk!

    Any time you replace a DESS key, you must get it programmed into the MPEM for it to work. You can either take it to a dealer to have them program it, or you can buy a Candoopro system here in the store and do it yourself.

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    I took it too a local dealer and they couldn't get it to work. I'm wondering if they messed something up cutting the wires behind the ignition.

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