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    94 sl 650 starting issues

    I am new here, but have read numerous posts recently about starting issues. I have owned this ski since it was brand new and have never done any major maintenance on it, but I know it needs work. I figured the first thing I would do is replace the battery and fuel lines. So here is my first question...where is a good place to find a battery for this thing? I'm not interested in the "best battery on the market." I just want something that will work. I don't have a ton of extra money to spend on this thing.

    Where is a good place to get parts for this ski? Like I said, I want to start by replacing the fuel lines. Does anyone have a diagram of the motor or a how-to for replacing the fuel lines?

    I am in central Indiana. Does anyone know of any good places in the area to work on thing thing if I get in too deep?

    Thanks in advance for all the help I am going to need.


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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    There are tons of places to buy batteries from. Local all the way to internet sales, prices will vary and add up if you include shipping costs. So i suggest you look up a local battery supplier and ask them for a good battery. Or you can order one from guys Like Jay at Sharp's Marine, or John at Rock county Jetski.

    Sealed/maintanence free (AGM) batteries are good, and Jay sells the OEM Yuasa battery at a good price as well.

    Same guys sells parts too

    Start reading up

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