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    2004 gtx codes help please

    New to the sight just bought two rough 2004 gtx cheap and took them out for the first time today. One said 12 volt low so rode some and after around 3 Hrs of riding seamed to go into limp mode after gauge showed check engine. So i checked oil and engine temp and Eng temp was 94 is this a normal temp. Rode back towards truck and it started going slower and slower tell it died. Threw battery in it from other o e that was taking on water and it fired right up after about 2 Hrs. Rode it but it seamed to not have the power as before also red light flashes once then pause then four times so i hit the set button 5 times to tetreive codes and it just says end and beeps but remains flashing. Any help also only twists 6550 thanks grant from wyoming

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    Maybe the rectifier, it is located above the fuel tank. Make a switch with the other GTX. There are three yellow wires and a black and red one.

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    Checked tonight found stator not charging. Stator or rect.

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    I had similar problem and found a bad ground wire at the battery was corroded and broke in my hands..put new on and problem ground, no spark. No combustion, no power..just saying..

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    does any one know what the ohms are suppose to be for the stator? .05?

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    You can do a dynamic test:

    Diconnect the grey connector at the intake manifold (with the 3 yellow wires).

    At 4000 RPM you should measure appr 50 Vac between terminal 1 and 2, between 2 and 3, and between 1 and 3.

    Static test is measure between same pins, the value should read between 0,1 and 1 ohm at 20C/68F

    Ground check: there has to be no resistance between the ground and any of the yellow wires.

    Good Luck

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    Don't forget to check the 30 amps fuse between the rectifier and the starter relay. Beep the red wire from the rectifier to battery +. (beep test with a multimeter)

    Do the same for the black and the battery ground.

    If this is all okay, replace the rectifier.

    Here is the original schematics for your jet (this for an 05 but it is very similar):

    Click image for larger version. 

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    E temp is NOT engine temp its environment temp.

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    Swapped regulars and made no difference ohm ed bolth machines stators and bolth read 0.00 is it my ohm meter or bolth stators?

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    Also AC v between one and two and one three and two to three are all abovere a50.6 and above

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