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    Question 1st time pwc buyer! Kawasaki or Yamaha

    I'm planning on purchasing a brand new pwc in the coming months and I am wondering which one of these brands are reliable and which one is likely to break down less. I will be shipping it overseas to a tiny island in the south pacific so maintenance (if needed) might be a problem. Supercharged or not? Kawasaki or Yamaha? Pls help! Thank you!

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    The Kawasaki STX-15F as well as the Kawasaki Ultra-LX are both tried and proven reliable PWC's offered from Kawasaki that require minimal maintenance - as compared to their Supercharged Counterparts.

    The Yamaha NA (Normally Aspirated) also fit this very same category, and you can reference a recent post where the Owner of a PWC Dealership I visited spoke about his experiences supplying skis to the Jet-Ski Rental Shops here on the West Coast of Florida:

    Post # 400 (at the bottom)

    I guess your ultimate decision is which features and such suit you best, and which model is more appealing to you.

    Good Luck!!!

    PS - if you are leaning towards the Kawasaki the Ultra-LX has a better hull for choppy (rough) conditions as compared to the STX-15F and both offer the same powerplant (1500cc 4-Cylinder 4-Stroke) engine.

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    sensible response and i agree with him
    both are good skis and in the end comes down to your psersonal taste or preferences!

    best of luck

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