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    Stick coils keep getting pushed out

    I don't know why my coils keep coming out. I recentlychanged the spark plugs and took it for a ride and after about 10min of ridingthe ski would run rough and Iíd have to stop and push the coils back down. It'snot like they were lose, I even took the sealing cup off as Iíve heard of airgetting trapped and as the engine heats up the air expands and pushes the coilsout. There was no way any air could get trapped with the sealing cup off. Hasanyone had this trouble before?

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    What plugs are you running? Sounds like they are just coming loose, rather than being pushed out.
    Are the rubbers in good nik?

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    Did you unscrew and take the tips off the spark plugs before installing?

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    That's my guess.... the caps were left on the plugs.

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