Took the ski for a spin on the sea this weekend . Turned out great but my hands and legs are killing me from all the wave jumping.
The distance between the furthest points I traveled was 6 nm . Ski felt great , engine felt great !
Upgraded the bilge pump to a 1100gph rule and that I re-fitted to a switch and I just left it on while the engine was on. Figured there was little to no way of it burning out since it throttles itself down when there isn`t water to erm ... suck .
The trip acording to the trail tech hour meter showed a 2 hr increase in the counter which boggles me as the fuel indicator did not drop under half. I didn`t bother to look at the actual fuel tank to see how much fuel was left .
Running a ski without any kind of flame arrestors , just Ross-nemo`s sonic booms didn`t turn out bad after all . My ski is always wet or submerged in some way or another , there is always about 2-3 cm of water in the hull.
Fitted 4 Flow-rites in the hull , 2 in the front under the scoops and 2 in the back right over the free-flow exhaust pipe , so that I don`t get any kind of bogging when the two front scoops are incapable of providing air.

The vid is not very exciting to watch :

Is there anything I can do to make it bounce a little less? I`ve not looked into shimming the trim tabs but the setup is for rougher conditions. I`ve gotten fatigued pretty fast, after about 30 mins of riding mainly because when coming back into water the splash is not very gentle, feels like the whole damn ski is falling apart.

Also got dash code number 15 which I quickly looked for on the forum and found it was the front cylinder temp sensor . That scared me a little but after feeling for heat on the cylinder by hand and seeing it was rather warm , not hot I calmed myself down , hit the dash button every time I started the ski and just continued having fun.
Had a very nice but demanding weekend . After all the mods I did to the ski I was kind of expecting to have done something wrong and to need to ditch the ski in the middle of the sea , having to swim for shore but it turned out great !

Next time i`ll mount my gopro on the hemlet , the view is crap from the front visor.