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    just purchased 2001 gr1200r! what now?

    I am new to jet ski's so i am looking for as much info as possible. This is going to be mostly used for messing around on the lake in fresh water. As far as i know it is bone stock. bought with 54.6 hrs. what should i look to upgrade, replace, look for in order to keep this running at the top of its game. I never worked on ski's or 2-strokes for that matter, but i do all my own work on my motorcycles and 4 wheelers so i can usually figure things out with a little help. Tips, suggestions, anything will be great;y appreciated. It wont be raced or jumped (too much). Thanks for the help

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    I have an xl1200, which is similar to your machine. It's been great except for a recent smoke problem which I just posted. I followed Oside Bill's recipe for a carb rebuild to the letter. New jets, correct turn out on the adjusters, new Riva aftermarket flame arrestors, accellerator pump disabled, D-plate and chip, carb kit installed with 42lbs pop off pressure, pre-mixed at 40:1, oil pump removed and block off kit installed. This is supposed to make the machines very reliable (and fast). Hope this helps.

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    Block out about 4-6 hours to search & read here on the Hulk. Everything you need to know has been asked and answered in these posts. The years of knowledge that these guys are willing to share is incredible.

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