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    Thinking about a VXR, opinions?

    Alright, I sold my gp1200r while I still could before I had all the problems everyone talks about with theirs. It may have lasted 3 more years but I didn't want to take any chances. After a very hot weekend with nothing to take to the lake i'm starting to go through withdraw lol. Went to look at a few new ski's over the weekend and spotted a crimson red VXR and immediately fell in love. Whats the scoop on these ski's? I'd like to stay loyal to the Yamaha brand mainly because I like the way they look and perform. Any advice on buying one of these new? Should I wait till the end of the season? I know that may not be the smartest thing but I personally dont like buying things brand new just because you can never get your full amount back out IF you had/wanted to sell. Should I try to find a used one someplace?
    Thanks for any and all input!

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    My brother bought two VXRs, which prompted me to by a pair of the VXS skis which are the same ski with a diff seat and no reboarding ladder. But both he and I are very happy with the skis. They are setup nice right out of the box. Great bang for buck. Good accel and top out around 66-68 MPH stock depending on rider size, elevation and air temps. The can go ~90 miles on tank of 87 octane gas, much farther than any ski I've owned before. I just did 84 miles on one tank of gas yesterday and could have gone farther.

    I was a previous owner of supercharged skis and was worried I was going to be disappointed with the performance of the VXR/VXS, but man was I was wrong. These things are surprisingly quick and fast for a non supercharged ski, plus there are several mods out there to make them even quicker and faster if you want and you don't have to worry about the supercharger headaches.

    Some say its not the best platform for riding in rough seas, but I ride lakes and rivers and its perfect for me. Bottom line, I feel like Yamaha knocked it out of the park on this ski. Also, they came out in 2011, so you might be able to find a used one or a leftover 2011 for less money. I bought a pair of 2012 VXS's using the Yamaha 8 year financing offer they had going. You can see them in my avatar.

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    Had a ski similar to you in the XLT 1200 that I sold this year to upgrade to VXR...this ski is so much more than my older ski and of course it should be because it is 2012...the most noticeable difference besides of course speed is how better on gas it is and of course it does not smoke like the 2 strokes and like you I sold mine before it self destructed again I did the top end and put 30 hrs on it but could not keep it with worries...I also tried to take a year off from having one and ya that did not last...I am at 8.5 hrs and loving it! I never owned the 2 seater like you so you may not notice the difference but it is very nibble and lots of fun unlike the xlt...many on here say it is like the GPR in regards to the fun of it.
    Good luck!

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    Ditto,, had a xlt 1200 with all the add ons,, a fun bonafide 70mph ski,, but along with that comes the maintenance of a 2 cycle motor,, that i don't miss...!! Anyway after following the sho threads and fzs/fzr threads, with all the supercharger clutch and bearing problems etc etc. the VXR became the obvious choice for me,, a true "bang for the buck " performer that can definitely hang with most of the high end ski's,, even the monstrous Kawasaki ultra with its monstrous hole=shot,, u will eventually close the gap to a boat or two...

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    Use my VXR/S every weekend for several hours since i picked it up new in March. already at 35 hours

    Awesome, reliable, very fast ski!

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    I'm going to see what type of payment plans/offers they have right now. Did they make the 11's in crimsion red? That color is bad a**. I'd certainly buy a leftover 11 if I could find one semi-locally.
    thanks for the replies.

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    im guessing it looks like this! just buy it, looks better on a trailer than in a showroom floor.Click image for larger version. 

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    Mercy that's pretty.
    the 11's didn't come in CR anyways, Soon as it comes in at the local dealer its mine!

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    As long as you arent looking to take long trips in heavy boat traffic areas its a mighty fine ski. Only time I hate my ski is if Im going a long way and its not nothing but glass or near glass. Perfect ski for calm river and lakes.

    I live on the great lakes and I would've went with a bigger boat with trim if I knew what it was gonna be like. This was my first ski and wasnt sure what I needed.

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    You hate it on smooth water?

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