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    05 r12x novice questions.

    Just bought this machine, didnt have any problems when i test rode it. But about 2 tanks into my new owner ship its starting to act up. WHen i first test rode it, it had a problem idling and seems like the fuel was bad. So i got the guy to do a little tune up before i went and did my final test ride, and he changed the sparkplugs and fuel filter, and put a bottle of seafoam in the gas and it ran awesome. So i picked it up for 3500$. It has 112 hours on it.

    Got a bunch of questions so bare with me.

    I took it out this passed weekend, and i rode it to go get some gas out on the water, didnt realize i left the kill switch on the machine, and when i finished fueling it didnt want to start. A battery symbol was showing up on the display, it was turning over very fast and after about 5 minutes of trying to start and give it gas it sputtered to a go. Could this be my battery? Or is there another issue im overlooking?

    Do these things require premium gas? When i was out on the water all i could get was 87 octane fuel. I ran premium right before and was only at a half a tank when i filled up with the 87 octane.

    Reading around this forum has me believing that my turbo has a problem with it. At times the engine will stutter and not accelerate passed 2600-3200 rpms (around 17mph) Ill let off and then when i get back on the gas itll accelerate to about 35mph and start to stutter again. I let off and get back on it and itll run fine after that but feel a bit sluggish. It does this at random and sooner or later it runs fine. Could this be casued from the turbo not working correctly? What can i do to check the turbo to see if its functioning correctly? Kind of figured out its when under a load it does it alot more. It did this with premium and regular gasoline. Also read about the wastegate sticking? Is there something i can spray on both components to get these running correctly?

    Another thing i noticed is completely opposite of the engine sputtering. From a dead stop or when doing sharp turns, if i full throttle the engine, it goes straight to the rev limiter and once it plains out itll grab and rev correctly. Kind of like a slipping clutch would do. ( i know these things dont have a clutch but thats how it is acting) Could this be a impellar problem?

    Also the ski didnt come with any manuals of any sort. Is there somewhere i could down load the owners and service manual? I wanna start wrenching on this thing but i dont like to have no guidance.

    Whats a decent price for a good service around yall?

    Sorry for the long post. New to the jetski scene!

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    You should buy a set of plugs from Advance Auto Parts for $10+ each and see how much of your problems they correct. You alos may need a new main relay [yours will fail] for about $70.

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    Im having quite a bit of trouble finding parts online. Where exactly can i get this main relay? Or whats the partnumber?

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    What does that cause to happen?

    The ski is bi-polar. Went and rode yesterday and at first on smooth water it ran terrible, it stutters and doesnt want to accelerate. I let off the gas and about 2-3 seconds later i give it a little throttle and it wants to accelerate awesome! As soon as i hit some waves that get the ski a little out the water. It wants to stutter and stop.. Let off the gas and get back on it then its okay. I let it sit for about 20 minutes and my girlfriend takes it out and says its running fine. So i get on it and bam running amazing for the rest of the day... Before we went out i checked the turbo and everything and it spins freely and all..

    Are these things supposed to smell like gas very strongly? Might be part of my problem? Gas leak somewhere?

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