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    Finished Raider Wiring

    Finished wiring for my bilge pump and fans. I used a three position switch installed where the old choke knob used to be.

    With the switch in the up postion the bilge pump is set in auto mode (runs for a few seconds to sense if there is any water to pump out if not it turns off for about two minutes and then starts the cycle again). The fans are also ready to turn on but will only run if pressure switch (in the center of the picture) sense water pressure from the line that is run from the pump to the inlet side of the jetworks valve.

    With the switch in the down position the bilge pump will run continuisly and the fans are off.

    The switch in the center position is everything off.
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    Wow! That ski AND wiring is real clean. Good job.

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    WOW! you could eat off the inside of that ski! NICE!!!

    do those fans suck or blow? with the battery relocated, won't they just circulate the air or are they hooked up to hoses? Wiring looks good. just goop those treminals up with dielectric grease.

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    Thanks Guys
    The fans blow, they are 120 cfms each and the storage box has many large hole drilled in it. I plan on putting the the original battery box back in its original place and using it for tool storage. All the openings on the bulkhead will be sealed up. I was planning on covering the termnals with a rubber coating before I finish putting the ski back together but dielectric grease may be better if I ever have to change things, good advice thanks.

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    its lookin good!

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