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    yamaha wave blaster problems

    Bought a blaster for 500 bucks (pretty good deal). The thing is awesome but apparently I had to much fun. First on saturday it would run great most of the time but every once in a while it would bogg down. It would idle around fine just when you hit the gas it would just bog out but not die. After puting in some new plugs and checking the fuel filter it still did the same thing. After a little bit of blirping it around it finally woke up and ran great for the rest of the day. On sunday I went to start it and it didnt do anything, I wiggled around the handle bar kill switchy thing and it started up fine and ran great for a while but then it just died while at about 1/2 to 3/4 throttle hitting some waves. I kept trying to start it and it turns over just fine but will not start at all. I checked the stupid stuff first and its got gas and oil. I then pulled a spark plug and sure enough it didnt appear I was getting any spark.

    Now its obvious I have three problems--- bogging down every once in a while, tether kill switch acted up ONE time, now not getting any spark on plug.

    What would cause these problems and Is it possible that all of these problems are related?

    A little help would be great and if this has been talked about before a link to that post would be good too.


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    A clue is that fussing with the kill switch got it to run. A common problem on older Yamaha's is that start/stop/kill switch. When the contacts inside wear or get bad, they can cause alot of the same symtoms, sometimes just shutting off when going across the lake. There is some threads on how to troubleshoot it with a meter, but you may want to just buy a new one and be done with it.

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    I was thinking it might be that but it wouldn't seem like a problem like that would cause it to bog down at times, or maybe thats a completely sepererate issue.

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    I am fighting with the same issues and like you, thought it was ign. I bought my 94 with it having some runability issues after all of the electronics were replaced when it got capsized by the p.o., the coils got wet and cooked, and then all of the wiring was rehooked up wrong and smoked everything. So with all new ign. and what not and it died on me, I pulled a plug and thought i found no spark. However, when i got home, i found I did have spark and it would not run. I then pulled the carb and found it to be rusted to the point of unrebuildability. I replaced the carb and all lines and that took care of the bogging and occasional stalling. However, now it occasionally is A P I T A to start after it is killed at any speed other then idle (if the teather gets pulled at high rpms, etc) and occasionaly at random. It will always fire up with a little throttel or a pump of the primer, but I havnt traced that issue down yet. As far as the handle bar switch, it can cause all kinds of wacky things like what we are expieriencing, but that can be quickly eliminated by starting the ski on the hose for a minute and dipping the switch in a bucket of water, if it stalls or runs wierd, there is your issue, if not, its in the fuel system or other ign issues like the cdi. After the P o wired up the cdi wrong and cooked it, the thing ran all kinds of crazy like doing lean runaways, bogging, no starts, and just poor performance. Also, not to question your inteligence, but pull the plugs in a dark garadge and see if you have spark when turning the engine over with the plug grounded to the head. One last thing, it never hurts to rebuild the carbs in these things every few years, especially after sitting it is a cheap reasurance, that is unless your carb has 1/6 in. chunks of rust rollin in it, then it gets pricey to replace the whole carb.

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    and dont loose faith, these things arnt to hard to fix, you just gotta keep pluggin away until you find the little gremlin, and when they do run, they are by far the most fun you can have on the water sober

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    Good information guys, looks like I have some inspecting to do Wednesday

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    Tested the handle bar switch and bipassed it but still no spark, I think the fussing with the tether switch thing like I stated originally is because im using an aftermarket POS walmart tether so just disregard that. could it be temp switch/ thermo sensor thing? becuase its kind of bent over. Also i pulled the electrical box and nothing looks bad, shook some wires around and still nothing. Might be cdi?

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