I've been pretty much done with riding for a few years now. Each summer since has been spent scheduling repairing, tuning, and no fun. With the meltdown of my 701, and I going back to college, I'm over it.

1994 purple hull 701 Raider with many bolt-on mods. Has a hole in 1 cyl on a fresh bore/rebuild. It's tore down and your's to rebuild or scavenge.

1996 1100 Raider. A few bolt-ons but pretty much stock. It runs but needs some tuning help. Maybe carbs rebuilt. I could get it going perfectly but I'm no longer motivated.

1995 Double Triton alum trailer (if needed).

I have all of the titles/regs. Owned these for years. I'm posting them here because you guys appreciate old skool stuff and can fix em' too. In my area, people just buy, ride, then sell. Nobody wants a fixer/tuner. $1500 for total package but if you drive here with a double trailer, I would let you have both skis for $1200. No parting, begging, bartering. I want the space in my drive/garage back and don't need anything else. For more details and pics, PM me. Iowa is in the middle of everyone so it's probably equally inconvenient for all.