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Thread: MSX110 no start

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    MSX110 no start

    Hi Everyone,

    I have an 04 MSX110 that cranks but won't start. I can hear the electronic throttle cycling continually when it won't start. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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    Welcome to Green Hulk.

    Tell us more about your ski. Did this just start happening? Do you know any previous history or problems with it?

    Do you get a flashing red light? Check engine indicator? Any others?

    It's common to have a weak battery. Fuel injection won't work if the voltage drops below 10.5 vdc... while cranking. I'd check this first.

    Then check spark. Pull a plug, put it back in the plug wire and ground the plug to the engine, then crank the starter again. Getting spark?

    Here's the "Won't start but cranks" troubleshooting guide

    Good luck!

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