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Thread: MFD Questions?

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    MFD Questions?

    Ok I have 94 750 sl the MFD is out I have another coming soon though. Here is my question yes I checked the fuse it was good I have power up to the mfd and a good ground from it, I have found the pin outs for the other wires in the connector but before I reconnect the new mfd is there any way to verify and or test the rest of the wires that come up to the mfd? Looking at making sure they are all good and wont fry anything in the new mfd. How to test them things like what ohms or voltage for what wire etc. Or should I be able to just reconnect the new MFD with out worry that one of the sub systems is bad like the fuel gauge or oil gauge etc will burn up the new MFD. thanks scott

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    As long as the main battery is not hooked up backwards the replacement MFD is not at risk of damage.

    Make sure you test the MFD fuse with an ohm meter after removing it. Do not test with fuse installed.

    1/4 Amp fuse only.

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    I work on cars alot so most of this info is similar to that just wanted to make sure that if any of the wires could cause a spike to the new mfd. I know on cars whenever you hookup stuff like this and you don't know why it went bad that you check all the wires feeding the item your replacing first before you put the new one in so you don't have any wires back feeding power etc. I always test any fuse out of the fuse holder no matter what its for just anal about that I guess working on a car where a bad fuse could cost you a 1000 dollar plus computer you can get that way lol.Thanks should have the new mfd soon.

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    I've swapped my MFI a few times and never had a problem. I have two ski's and only one working MFI. If you're worried just undo your battery cable.

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