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    Polaris '99 Genesis stuck at 4800 RPM

    I have a 1999 Polaris Genesis. It ran great until a had a bad battery after a cold winter and to get on the water jump started the machine (I know, I've since learned a big NO-NO!). The MFD wasn't working correctly afterwards as well as I could not get above 30mph when the machine ran at 50+mph before. I have since replace the MFD and now know that the machine will not exceed 4,800 RPM. I've looked through some posts and have seen similar issues with machines being locked at 48.00 RPM but there are not a lot of answers. Any suggestions on what to look for and where to go from here? Please help

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    Issue resolved. Middle carb had some issues preventing the middle cylinder from firing. Enough fuel to wet the plug but not enough to have good combustion. Repaired the carb and all is well.

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