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    04 Kawasaki STX-15F Crank Removal

    Hello all, first time poster so be gentle...

    I bought a pair of used skis for my family. On our second trip out the Kawasaki started taking on water and we hydrolocked the motor. (guessing a hose blew off or broke) - I immediately got all the water out - pulled the plugs and could cleary see water only in cylinder number 4 but the engine would not crank and appeared to be locked up.

    I have pulled the engine. Pulled the head off and have found a broken rod in cylinder #4. It also appears to have damaged the crankcase below the crankshaft. I know need to split the case. I am stuck at getting the coupling/output shaft removed. It appears you need to purchase about $185 in tools to do this job. Is there a way around this or do I have to buy and wait for these tools?
    57001-1605 - Flywheel and Pulley Holder
    57001-1457 - Holder Attachment
    57001-1423 - Coupling Holder #2

    While I am at it - are there any other special tools that I will not be able to get through this job without? By special I mean made by Kawasaki for this engine.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I may be doing the same job next of my customers 15f rolled in today and the hull was full of oil with nothing showing on the stick..I'm pretty sure all that jagged metal I'm feeling under the exhaust manifold ain't good.....

    seeing whoever this fellow lends his skis to wrecks something I was thinking about an SBT motor..but with detonated cases, the job exceeds to book value of the ski..and the rest of it isn't in what I'd call pristine shape either...

    typically the need for "special" tools cannot be circumnavigated

    so it looks like we're both looking for some motors now eh?

    For what Kaw wants for a block and cases.....

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    Just an update for anyone searching on this type of job. The coupler comes off like a normal nut (counter clockwise) - (ie not reverse thread) - I was able to use pvc down each side of the crankcase under a broken piston to keep the crank from moving. It took quite a bit of force to remove the coupler but its now off.

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