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    sbt pistons 12f 15f

    Anyone ever use these. No bad mouthing or other brand suggestions. Just feedback on sbt four stroke pistons and or complete motors.

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    I have been wondering the same thing. I am rebuilding my motor and their pistons come with rings. The only other brand I have seen beside oem is WSM ones for my ski

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    Buy OEM.

    I have used SBT pistons in 2 stroke. About 2 strokes was all I got.

    I will never buy SBT again. WSM a maybe.

    Buy OEM.

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    BUY OEM and you will be happy , as time has proven they are very good quality that passed all the manufactures durability testing ,and I promise you they test the product far beyond the REC/Weekend worrier's riding style, So unless you are building a race engine that u intend to flog the shit out of stay with a PROVEN GOOD product , because history has show the other brand you mention to be a inferior product in more cases than not ,
    Hey if it was a external part that didn't really matter if it failed then bu all means take the chance , But I personally WILL NOT buy the part u mention

    all that being said bad fuel can and will break ANY piston / engine


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