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    1999 Polaris 1050

    I have a 1999 Polaris slx 1050. Out of the water it cranks with no problem. Put it in the water and it is very hard to start. Once started it acts like it does not have enough power to go as it starts to die out. You do this over and over then it all of a sudden it starts to run fine and will run and crank the rest of the day. I have a lawn mower that has two coils and when one coil went bad it lost power on and off and that is the way this ski is acting. Any suggestions? It has a new battery. One thing to mention is I put new plugs in it about three weeks ago. Two plugs look used and one looks brand new. The plugs are firing.

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    Do a compression test first. If all pretty close to the same, check spark with a spark tester. Both items can be had at the local auto parts store.

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