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    03 Seadoo GTX SUPERCHARGED flooded with water one loud beep no power HELP!

    first id like to say thanks for everyone on the forum for all the helpful info that ive found on here that let me save alot of money fixing my RXP at home!!

    but to the bad news..

    got a 03 gtx supercharged 4-tec 3 seater

    brother forgot to put the drain plugs in and took it out on the lake

    rode it for a while and realized it was getting flooded with water

    got it towed back to shore and the jet ski was filled about to battery height with water

    drained it all out and put the key on the post and id get ONE LOUD BEEP. try to crank it and nothing.

    let it dry overnight and tried again the next morning, found the 5AMP fuse in the bottom corner blown replaced it and cranked for a second and blew the fuse?

    now i put the key in i get one loud beep but nothing shows on the gauges or anything no words no numbers

    what i tried;

    jumped the starter seleniod i get a whirrling noise from the starter but the engine isnt cranking

    I put the mpem from the gtx in my RXP and my RXP fired right up with my rxp key not using the gtx key with the mpem (so basically gtx mpem in rxp with rxp key and it ran good used gtx mpem in rxp gtx key and nothing.)

    what could my problem be?
    how can i check if there is water in the engine so i can get it out ASAP?

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    Possible the motor is hydrolocked. Try cranking it with the plugs out. Is the oil milky?

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    There are a lot of flooded ski posts on here. Just do a search and your every answer will POP up.
    Don't crank it with the plugs in and add some w/d 40 to the cylinders and crank the water out.
    After that check oil and start changing it..
    Good luck...

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    I have searched for hours i know how to crank the water out of the plugs but i cant get the aki to do anything?
    When i insert the key i get A loud one single beep but nothing shows on the gauge and the stRt button doesnt do anything

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    Unplug all of your electrical connections, including to the ecu and mpem, and spray in a water displacer like wd40.

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