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    MSX 140 after rebuild

    Put the MSX 140 back in the water on Friday,seems to be running great put 6 hrs on it this weekend.

    I rebuilt the motor complete,sent the crank out all new bearings and two rods,3 new pistons,one cylinder,heads machined to clean them up,new seals and gaskets.

    Took my time rebuilding it ,checked and double checked my work.

    Replaced the thru hull and seals, cleaned inside the hull, made sure not to pinch any wires or hoses when reinstalling motor.
    Compression test shows all 3 cylinders at 120 psi cold.

    Installed all new oil injection lines and filter, bleed all oil lines. Seems to be using oil at a decent rate after one and a half tanks of fuel the oil gauge was about down to half. Running the VES Gold.

    I did check the plugs a few times all look good ,nice brownish colour.
    Running premium fuel no ethanol, added a little injector cleaner.

    Seems to be running at normal temperature ,not too hot I can hold my hand on each cylinder for 3 to 4 seconds before you feel uncomfortable.

    No fuel leaks at the injectors,i did notice a very slight miss when riding it tonight but it seemed to go away.All in all the rebuild was not that difficult.

    Now i just hope it stays together, because the wife really enjoys it !

    The info on this site was key,for sure.

    Thanks to K447 for all the info.

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