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    D.E.S.S. Buzzer question

    Just bought a 97 SPX with the 787. I was just poking around looking at things and noticed a plug unplugged under the front bucket. Plugged it in and the buzzer came on solid, not beeping, just one solid beep. What is causing this so I can fix it and leave this plugged in from now on. I followed the wire up and it goes to the buzzer, so why is the buzzer activated even when I have the ski on the trailer, not even riding?

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    I... I donīt know very much abaout your model... But i have a one dougt! I have a RXT 2007 model and when i put my key dess in the PWC the buzzer donīt stop. My question is if itīs possible change this think like buzzer function of RXT-X 255 2008. Buzzer only in 10/15 secīs and next stopped.

    Can you awnser me?

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