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    WSM Pistons in a stx12f?

    Hey guys I am rebuilding my motor and I see these WSM pistons will work in my ski. I was wondering would these be good for a basically stock motor? I am going to do the air intake mod and delete the second waterbox and maybe later get a different pitch impeller but not sure. I am not hard on my skis or ride them WOT all the time. I will go WOT for short bursts just for the kicks but usually cruse around or tow a tube with the ski. I was looking at these pistons and thought they would be good but I keep reading mixed reviews about them and others that I am lost on what to get.

    Any advice would be great!

    Oh forgot if I have the cylinders honed do I need to get oversized ones instead of stock ones?

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    Well, that would be running the engine pretty hard, just like many people do. I know absolutely nothing about WSM pistons, but do they save you a pile of money over OEM? Personally, I cannot afford the time/money to do a job like that twice, so I want the best parts I can get.

    As for oversize pistons, honing does not typically result in a significantly larger bore. BUT, you need to check the bore to piston clearance, that is the measurement that matters most. The Kawa service manual has all this info.

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