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    Simple questions about a Raider

    I'm basically a Superjet guy so I dont know too much on prop pitches for sitdowns. Hoping you guys can help me out.

    I've recently made friends with a guy that has an old 701 Raider. He's looking to upgrade the intake and prop. I figured a worx intake would be good. But I have no idea on what kind of prop and pitch I should recommend for him. Stock motor as far as i know . Hes looking to increase the acceleration mainly, but if it helps the top end as well, then I don't think he'd complain . Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: Opps, looks like this should be moved to the Old School Section, didnt see that before I posted.
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    with stock motor try a 13-17 solas

    later cd

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    Back in the day before aftermarket availability,we used to cut the middle two braces out of the intake grate on the 1100 Raiders,the gains were minimal,and probably nill on a 700 so I don't recommend doing it.No offense intended but on that particular hull/engine combo theres just not much gain available on the intake area.A good top loader/intake will dramatically increase hookup in rough water.The down side to that is you will loose around 2 mph top end speed.The rideplate would be a better choice for increased topend and improved handling.Save the money on the intake grate and invest in the empellor and/or rideplate.Carl at Island racing,can make the best recomendations.He might even have a hot 700 prop laying around,from yesteryears.If not at least you can get his recommondation and pick one up off the forum here used.You might get lucky and find a used impellor that works great as purchased.You would still have the option of sending it to him for that custom tune matching the riders wieght,hull and hp.That would give your friend the best bang for his buck.I've never set a 700 up,maybe one of the 700 Guru's could chime in and make a recommendation on a empellor/rideplate combo.Hope this helps.

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