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    94 SL750 problems :-(

    Well another season another set of problems, I have a 94 SL750

    My two main problems.....

    Cleaned out the bilge lines before I went out... played for a few hours and the damn thing had about 2-3 inches of water in it... lines were still clear after I got back to the ramp, same thing happens to the other one, do I just play too hard??? where could all that water be coming from, itís not like its full after an hour on the lake it just slowly throughout the day fills up....

    Next problem, it started dyeing... sometimes Iíll be booking across the water at wot running great then bam just dies like you took the key out.. But more often than that it dies when I get big air and hit the water hard. it doesnít act like itís the motor or fuel or anything causing it to die it just dies instantly like you pulled the key... let the rpms go back down to 0 cranks RIGHT back up perfect. And it will do this about 20 times throughout the day. runs perfect before and right after it dies... any ideas??


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    Problem 1: Either you are playing WICKED hard and the siphons are not working at all, or your skis are taking on water faster then they can remove it. I would recommend inspecting the hull, and thru hull carrier seals to see if they are damaged.

    Stupind question - Are the plugs in?

    Problem 2: If it is dying that quick, my guess would be an electrical issue. I would check the easy stuff first, like battery connections, ground lug connection on the bed plate. Next I would inspect the stop switch assembly. May have a bad connection / Failing switch. If you dont find anything there, open up the electrical box and check stuff there.

    Let us know how you make out.

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    Another stupid question...... This past weekend I was riding my SLT with a 7 year old in front holding onto the handlebar pad..... Every time we hit a good wave, her arm bumped the stop button and killed the motor. Turns out it is pretty sensitive to a simple touch on the way back down... Sounds like you are hitting waves pretty good and may not even notice you are tapping the stop button...... Just a thought...

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    I have even snagged the lanyard and pulled it by accident.

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    Well Just to update everything is GREAT!!!!! Got up early yesterday, started trying to figure out why it was dying on me, after checking the kill switch and all the grounds and battery connects I opened the electrical box to find about half a cup of water in it. I guess when it sloshed around it jumped two terminals and caused it to die, so I dried it out put a different rubber seal in the box, problem gone!

    As far as the water in the hull, it was the through hull bearing, I remember I didn’t have a needle fitting for my grease gun so it never got greased this year, put a different fitting on it filled it up, no water in hull!

    So basically this proves that even if you have stripped one of these down to a bare hull and put it back together, a second opinion always helps so thanks!!!

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