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    Battery not charging after new rectifier installed

    Hope someone can help with this one. I put a new rectifier into my 2005 GTI with the 717 motor. Everything seemed fine for a few days. The battery drained somehow and after charging, the ski started no problem. When I put the meter on the battery with the ski running, it reads 12.5 volts and just stays there when revving it up, so I know it's not charging. Any ideas as to what the problem could be? New stator maybe? How can I check the functioning of the stator? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    to test the stator - unplug the yellow wires going to the rectifier - test for countinuity to engine ground on the engine side of the wiring - should show an open circuit or not grounded..
    Now test for resistance between any two yellow wires - should show resistance of 1 ohm or less..

    I hope the rectifer you installed was not an aftermarket one...

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    Yes, it was an aftermarket unit. What happens when I swap out the stator? Will the rectifier follow soon afterwards? It does need a new stator, by the way. Thanks for your advice. Do you have an idea how long the aftermarket rectifiers work?

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    so you tested the stator and it is bad?? Aftermarket rectifiers just do not hold up well.. The rectifer will not damage a new stator, just beware that if the rectifier goes bad, replace it with an OEM one..

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