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    Thats Right I am new and Need some Expert Advice!

    Hello and thanks in advance to all who may respond. I purchased a 1993 Waverunner III with a brand new 2-stroke installed. It had half a tank of gas and had not run for about a year. We took it to Tenkiller lake in Oklahoma where we have a slip and rode it around for about an hour - no problems. Then....I stopped at the gas dock, told them to fill it up and PUT IN A 40:1 mixture (as the oil pump as been removed and a plate installed). I even gave them the bottle of oil to pour and mix from. Well whatever they did fouled the plugs and all it would do is idle - If I tried to accelerate, it died and wouldn't start again for about 2 minutes and repeat.... (probably put in too much oil) so I cleaned the plugs, siphoned out about 4 gallons, replaced with 4 fresh gallons (no oil) and added a little octane boost/carb cleaner just in case. Then took it out again, drove it for about 10 minutes no problem, then it started to sputter and died - I thought now maybe it was too lean and getting hot.

    So today I drained the entire tank and plan to add 32oz to 10 gallons fuel for a nice 40:1 mixture and replace the plugs. Does this sound good or what else could be causing those problems (i.e. sputtering, dying, idling but thats it, so on) Any ideas are welcome!!!!

    Thanks and I look forward to participating in the forum.

    Best Regards

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    After the new gas, also put in new plugs. They are usually no good once they foul out.

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    I had definitely planned to and thank you. Are there any other things I may be missing?

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    While it's running, open the hatch and look for any signs of exhaust smoke inside the hull. That would cause it.

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    Was the half tank of gas that you mention in it from the last owner, and had been in it for over a year? If so...that's bad. In a jetski you should never leave gas sitting in it for more than a week or so...unless you manage to find ethanol free gasoline, and even then, it goes stale in a few months. With stabilizer, maybe 6 or 8.

    Google the term "Phase separation ethanol gas" and read up. Ethanol is poison to 2-stroke engines, really...but they'll tolerate it up to 10% as long as you burn it shortly after buying it while the alcohol is still well suspended, hasn't separate, and hasn't attracted water. Any ethanol gas older than 10 days is in my books garbage for a 2-stroke engine. It gets siphoned out and burned in my wife's car.

    Skip the "octane booster and carb cleaner" stuff as well as often it's just alcohol...which can be very counterproductive on a 2 stroke engine, much less in a marine environment.

    Anyhow, "guessing" on your oil mix ratio at the dock is a recipe for disaster. Some of what you describe sounds like a lean out to me.

    I'd do the following, personally:

    1/ Compression test.

    ...assuming it passes and you have no engine damage...

    2/ Rebuild carbs. If you can't attest for when they were last rebuilt, then do it now. Rebuilding carbs on a 2-stroke is cheap insurance against much more expensive damage which is inevitable otherwise.

    3/ Siphon out ALL that fuel - every last drop. Start with fresh premix. Never guess your mix ratio or try to alter it during a tank burn - it's Russian Roulette IMHO.

    4/ Install new plugs with the proper gap, and go ride.

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