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    Need Help: 2006 Kawasaki 12f

    Hey guys,
    My first ski was a miserable failure and I do not want to make another mistake. Here was the last one which I was able to get rid of Now, I'm looking at a 2006 Kawasaki 12f and am curious as if this is generally a reliable ski. I have read from others on this site having a problem with the ecu, is this a big deal? This is the ski Im looking at now: Is it just me or is the price pretty high? Also, when the owner started the engine for me, he turned the water on first for about 30 seconds before starting the ski and shut the ski off before shutting the water off. I know this is wrong, but if I test drive it and it runs well could there still be damage from this? Lastly, he said he did all the maintenance on the ski himself which worries me as he ran the ski after he turned the water on. Should this be a concern? If anybody is selling their ski nearby D.C. let me know!

    Thanks in advance!

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    The seller is doing the flushing thing completely wrong.
    Engine on first and then turn on water.
    Water off first and then shut off engine.
    I'm surprised he has not hydrolock the engine yet.

    If the engine survied 37 hours, and then there should be no ECU issue.
    Just use highest octane avail on hot/dry weather riding.

    Price is reasonable since it includes the trailer, just a bit on the high side. But then hours are low.
    Do the compression check before you buy and if they are all even, it's good to go.

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    Thanks for the reply! So as long as the engine runs, there wouldn't be any damage from running it on the hose improperly?

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    Even though he is doing it wrong as long as there is no water/milky oil in it then you should be good to go. Just go test ride it and see how it runs and do compression test like meangreen said. These are really high compression so it will be around 225psi I believe.

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    I bought the new ECU for my 12f. I think it was $250. Well worth the peace of mind that my motor isn't going to blow. Consider it an insurance policy. Fwiw I love my 12f. Not the fastest ski Out there but its very reliable, rides nice and is a lot of fun. Good on fuel too.

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    For even MORE peace of mind, add a $3 bottle of octane booster on a real hot/dry day riding.

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