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    2005 rxp idling and running like crap!

    so im new to the whole jet ski thing. i just bought 2 2005 rxp's a few months ago and one of them is running like crap now. Idle it jumps around 1500, 1800, 1650 and the other day it was idling at 900 ...the max rpms it will run is about 7800 to 7900 now...was running the perfect (from what i understand) 8000-8100 before this...i also noticed if i let off then floor it it had a 1 or 2 sec delay before it took off...i was thinking maybe spark plugs so im going to start there...any suggestions?

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    spark plugs and fresh gas should do it.

    however, you need to check the superchargers slip and see if it still has the ceramic washers. if they do, they could grenade and cost you a lot of cash to repair.

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    ok well i guess ill try that first! and go from there and yes the guy that we bought them from told us the washers have been changed!

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    Exhaust valves is another item to think about...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangermtb5 View Post

    spark plugs and fresh gas should do it.


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