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Thread: 2012 rxt 260

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    2012 rxt 260

    I just bought a 2012 RXT. Im looking to gain some MPH and looking for the best way to do it on a budget. I want to remove the factory speed limit and add a 4 inch air fizzle system with a new impeller. What else is cost effective? And how do i go about the device that takes off the top speed limiter. Does it always stay plugged into the ski? Also, how cheap is it to increase the RPMS

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    4" intake and catch can is a must.
    I would flash via Vtech.
    Then install a new impeller if you need more speed.

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    Go with a V-Tech ECU reflash, with whatever rpm limit you want. Do NOT get the Riva SCOM - gps bypass module. The SCOM was good when it came out but, has other limits still inplace, making the reflash a much better investment!

    <=8300 - stock valve train ok, stock injectors ok
    8300-8500 - requires valve train retainers min
    8500-8800 - requires valve train retainers and springs, rrfpr and AFR monitoring
    8800+ - requires above plus light weight valves

    You NEED to set your goals and a $$ number for your budget.

    I suggest: 4" air kit, R&D intake grate, Solas impeller - pitch depends on what rpm limit you want, add 1-2 bilge pumps (safety) to start. If you go with only a 8350 rpm limit you can be 75-77 very easy!

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