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    Polaris FUJI Interchangeability

    Hey guys, I am new to the PWC world and I have a couple of questions for the more experienced members here;

    I was wondering what parts are interchangeable, and what parts are not for all of the FUJI engines and years. Specifically I am wondering about the throttle cable, but I was curios as to what else could be swapped? ie. Pro 785 parts on an SL780, parts from sl750's and 650's ect.

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    Welcome to The Hulk!

    Your questions have all been answered in the past and can be found by searching. To answer your specific question, the throttle cable is the same for and SL650/750. The 780 was longer as the carbs were flipped 180 degrees from the 650/750's.


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    785 is a different story altogether......

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    Cases, cranks, motor mount plate, intake manifold, carbs, stator housing, starter, really anything but cylinders, heads and pistons are interchangeable. There are slight differences in carb jetting and ignition systems between the 3. Reed cages and oil pumps are interchangeable as well.

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