Hi all

I saw mrracing post on his 2010 rxtx doing 83mph. But as he doesn't answer my email I decided to get some help from you all seadoo users and tuners

I live in martinique (french caribbean island) we do alot of races and participate in the karujet world offshore championship.

Unfortunatly, none of seadoos ski don't go past 118 km/h on speedo... And therefore the ultra300 farthing is kicking us bad!!!!!

I'm planning to buy a 2010 rxt-x used ski in september, and therefore need advice for upgrades.
I already bought:

-the terminator fuel rail kit with turbosmart rrpfr
-innovate afr and boost gauge
-Et 68/140 supercharger (but according mrracing post it's not good for offshore racing) what do you all suggest ?
-walbro pump

Question is about:

-Sponsons? saw some riva with one blade or ninja with two blades
-Aftermarket ecu? V-tech? what rpm limit? 9000?
-Injectors? size and brand
-Pistons? CP or riva and what ratio?
-grate? which one r&d? riva?

I will do 6 offshore races a year, so I need a reliable machine.

Thanks for the help, I will appreciate alot hope I will compete with the ultra 300 farthing