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    2001 yamaha gp 800 ypvs servo motor

    hey guys i was out on my 800 last weekend and towards the end of my ride i noticed this humming whining type sound coming from my engine compartment. when i took the ski out of the water and it was off for a while the noise continued. i disconected the battery and it stoped.i got home and started looking around and i heard it coming from the ypvs servo i unpluged it and it stopped.

    it does not move the cables at all and just stays on even when the machine is off. so i moved the cables by hand and it makes a nasty noise so i would say its pretty much junk. i know my power valves are good because i just had the motor redone last season due to dropping a powervalve. my real question is it normal for it to keep running even when the machine is off and just replacing it would be ok. or can there also be a wiring issue with it as well.

    thanks guys

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    check the connection for corrosion. If its clean the pv motor is toast. They do go from time to time.

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    Is it ok to ride the wave runner without the servo motor if I just keep tue power valves open

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    ok so i took the servo motor apart and one of the small plastic gears inside is stripped it has no teeth left. my real question is why does the servo motoer keep running. it stays on even when the ski is long off. Is that what maybe caused the gears to get stripped or does the motor keep runing because there is no resistance to tell the cdi that it finished its cycle.

    i wonder if i can find the gear anywhere.

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    its running because the gears have a centering position. So the motor is hunting for center but the POT is not moving. Now you need to find out why it stripped. I wouldnt run the motor with out it....... Check the cables and pv's for free movement.

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    Last season I dropped a power valve but the servo still cycled then I had motor rebuilt and new valves and waver after clips put in. The servo was working fine the first Hal of the day I took it out then all the sudden it started making noise.

    So I'm not really sure what's going on I would hated to get a new motor and it strip again but the cables move freely.

    Why wouldn't u run it with the just left open

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    If the cables move free and everything else what could cause this to happen could the cdi have an issue that keep the servo running. If I ran the motor when it was open I pused the striped gears shaft over a bit and got it to bite and spin the man shaft but it still didn't stop when it got to the end it just started making a nasty noise

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    I have the valves locked open am I crazy for taking this thing out tomorrow

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