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    Still thinking about a ski, thinking a gsx

    Thinking about getting a ski. Just sold my boat, want to get a newer car but either way goona have to try to save some more first, so maybe just hold off but still debasting. So my max I'm thinking of spending is 1500. Went and looked at a gsx earlier today, looked really clean, guy said new motor couple seasons ago, thought it would be good to go. Only ridden a ski few times but the thing was bogging like crazy, ran nice when wasn't bogging but all different speeds and throttle position. Also shut off would guess around 10 times in the little while I was out there. And the maintance light would come on on the restart. Shut off 3 times in 4 minutes on my watch. Then the guy freaked out when I said it wasn't running right. I'm calm and was decent, just said I couldn't spend the money on someting that wasn't running right. He started bitching making it seem like I didn't believe he took care of his stuff, and told me to call the shop that does his work. I said I'm sure you do take care of your stuff and it ran last fall, but it's not right, now. I told him to drive it at the dock and he said he couldn't because he was wearing jeans. He hasn't had it in the water all year, you think if someone is test driving it and says its bogging and shutting off you would want to jump on and see. It was just crazy thought I was goona buy a ski, end up getting in a loud discussion in the yard, and peeled out in the jeep. But anyway liked how it handled when it was good for 30 seconds. Want something fun for myself but still be able to ride 2 up occasionally halfway decently. So the gsx is definately my choice, as far as looks, handling, and power it seems, but you don't see as many of them around. How would an xp/spx be with 2 people. Also I heard that the 951 motor isn't that reliable and to get the 787, that true? Looking for something that's more reliable since not as mechanically inclined and most work would be done by someone else. Any input would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

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    The 951 GSX Limiteds I had handled amazing, had a good amount of power, and were tons of fun... when they ran. The 951 is glass, I'd probably just get the 787 and lightly mod it. Grate, rideplate, maybe a pipe and head.

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