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    Dying after running only a few seconds

    I'm brand new here and to PWC's so please forgive me if this is an obvious question. I just bought a 2001 Virage TX. It was idling rough, so I figured I'd put to plugs in to see if that helped. New plugs in no problem - took the ski out and it started right up and seemed to run fine. After about 2 minutes at 3/4 throttle (driving from the ramp to my dock), it died instantly - no sputtering, just dead in the water. I tried to restart immediately, but got nothing. After a few minutes (maybe 3-4?) it started up and ran again for like 30 seconds and died. This repeated 4-5 times until it just wouldn't start again. I can't see how new plugs would cause this affect - and I double-checked all the connections and everything seems fine. Any ideas?

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    Welcome to GH!

    You could have a bad stator. Read up on links below for electrical testing procedures.

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    Could be the LR Start/Stop module.

    See my signature links for details and how to bypass the LR model for testing.

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