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Thread: 96 750 zxi

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    96 750 zxi

    flooded cyclinders please help new to the pwc world....please help

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    Hi, Charles!

    I assume you mean flooded with water. This is very bad news if you don't take care of it immediately! You MUST remove the spark plugs, ground the wires, and spin the engine with the starter NOW! Don't wait until tomorrow, the bearings will start rusting by then. Blow as much water out as you can, then wipe off the plugs and re-install them. Try to start the 'Ski. The best thing to do is ride it for 15 minutes or so, but running on the flush hose will work.

    Remember, when running on the hose; Start the engine, THEN turn on the water. Turn off the water, THEN turn off the engine. NEVER run the water hose when the engine is NOT running. Doing so will allow water to back up through the exhaust system into the engine.

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